Property in Alicante

Real estate in Alicante - today it is a great approach to the right investment of money. Housing liquidity today is approximately 7%.

Long-term renting is in great demand today. The city lives all year round, and there are more and more people.

Alicante is a port city on the Costa Blanca, not just a town in Spain, it is a real miracle shop. Arriving in Alicante on vacation, you will forget about fatigue and irritation, about gray everyday life and bosses - here you are like in paradise. The city is rapidly developing, and the center is still the same traditional narrow streets of Spain. The Mediterranean Sea, which washes the shores of the city is quite clean, which allows you to come on vacation even with the smallest inhabitants of your family. Buying property in Alicante, best by the sea.

Romance in Alicante begins with the sunset, it is impossible to stop looking at their beautiful landscapes, the sea contributes to this. That is why there are many cafes and restaurants on the coastline so that lovers can devote the evening not only to each other, but also to the atmosphere that appears when evening comes. Not falling in love with such beauty is simply impossible!

What are the housing prices in Alicante?

In 2020-2021, the trend will remain low-cost real estate in Alicante. All the same, this is not the capital of Spain, and therefore not so popular and expensive. Real estate in Alicante today is not expensive, for 30,000 euros you can buy 5-10 km from the city center. The price of housing closer to the beach today will cost from 70 - 150 000 euros. New buildings in Alicante from 150 000 - 300 000 euros. Real estate in Alicante can also be purchased in a mortgage. Spanish banks from 3% today give out a loan for an apartment or house.

Landmark in Alicante

Alicante is very popular because the airport is in this city. And also the railway station, and the seaport. Therefore, everyone comes to see real estate in Alicante. Now the population of the city is about 330 thousand people, but in the short future this number will definitely increase, because Alicante has announced itself to the whole world and now it will certainly not be left without the attention of tourists! Beautiful parks and historic buildings await those who love the history of Spain. Therefore, we are looking forward to all lovers of real estate in Spain.

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