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Athens is the beautiful and hospitable capital of Greece, where the whole history of this wonderful country began. The entire Western civilization was born in this city. The city has experienced a lot over the long centuries of its existence, there were both victories and declines when Athens was just a small province, and now it is a large, prosperous and developing city. It is divided into several parts, it includes the central districts, the suburbs of the city and the famous port of Piraeus. When you come here for a vacation, you should definitely visit all the attractions available here, look at the two hills rising in the heart of the city. The first is the Acropolis with the Parthenon, surrounded by ancient temples that have been preserved since ancient times, the second hill boasts an old small church on the very top and it is called Likabet.

Housing prices in Athens It is very important to choose the right area. You can buy a property in Athens with a yield of 7%, but you need to understand that it should not be in the slums. For example, Omonia is a cheap housing. This place is populated by emigrants and outsiders are not welcome there. Investors are attracted by the affordable prices of Athens real estate, as well as the opportunity to get a residence permit in Greece for a period of 5 years. But to do this, you need to buy a house, for example, a great apartment in Athens, costs from 250 thousand euros. Good properties in the central areas of Athens cost from 3 thousand to 4.5 thousand euros / m2, depending on the age of the house and the quality of construction. Buy real estate in buildings built less than 10 years, you can at a price of three thousand euros/m2. Budget apartments are sold on the outskirts of Athens: their price is from 1.5 to 3 thousand euros/m2, which is very inexpensive in comparison with, for example, another area of Greece, Halkidiki.

If you want to buy a house in Athens – a house or an apartment in order to earn extra money, it is best to choose a property in a tourist area by the sea. All real estate in Athens, located near the beach, is very attractive for many businessmen and investors. The managers of our portal will easily select and help you to buy a house in Athens for you – a house, apartment, cottage or villa in any area, taking into account your requirements. You can buy real estate in Athens quite cheap. Prices have fallen significantly over the past few years, especially after the coronavirus in Greece and now good apartments, with all the necessary conditions, are much cheaper. On our website you can see the best offers from leading realtors, developers and homeowners in Athens with prices and photos.

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