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Montenegro is three times smaller than the Moscow region, and the population is about the same as in Yaroslavl.

But, despite this, Montenegrins are a proud people with their own culture and language, and, by the way, they have the highest growth among other nations in Europe. Their ability to stand up for themselves is evidenced by the fact that in the 18th century only 7 thousand Montenegrins defeated 30 thousand Ottoman invaders. Today, Montenegro acts independently on the international arena and plans to join the European Union. And the top seller today is real estate in Bar.
One of the most popular cities in Montenegro is Bar. Approximately 14,000 inhabitants live, but many more come during the season. Therefore, many people want to buy property in Bar. Houses and apartments here are much cheaper than in other cities in Kotor or Budva.

The price of real estate in Bar starts from 30,000 euros. But recently, due to popularity, housing prices have almost doubled. An average apartment with a good view and a good building site costs 50,000 euros. And real estate in Bar by the sea is already more than 100,000 euros. And they say that the rise in prices will not stop there.

There are two international airports in Montenegro - in Podgorica and Tivat, there are direct flights from Moscow to these cities.

Some travelers first fly to Croatian Dubrovnik, and from there they get to the desired resort in Montenegro. Due to its favorable geographical position, it is easy to get to any neighboring country from here, for example, by ferry to Italy.

When entering Montenegro for up to 30 days, a visa is not required.

This young state, which has existed in modern history since 2007, has managed to find itself in the tourism industry. It successfully combines the extraordinary beauty of nature and affordable prices: holidays are much cheaper than in neighboring Croatia and Italy. In summer, a weekly stay in an apartment with a shared pool for a family with two children will cost about 2,500 euros, including plane tickets and car rental.

However, the hotel infrastructure in Montenegro is not as well developed as in Western Europe.
Despite its modest size, Montenegro has a fairly long coastline, almost 300 km long, and is washed by the Adriatic Sea.

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