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Every year, the environmental situation in Russian cities is steadily deteriorating, which is why their residents leave their native places in search of more favorable living conditions. Most of these migrants choose the easiest way-they move from Russian megacities to the hinterland. But this decision is not always justified, because in the near future, even in a remote village, the same situation may develop as in industrial cities. Relocation abroad, primarily to Turkey, may be much more effective in this sense. This option is especially preferable for families with children, because in Turkey, summer lasts 300 days a year, and fruit costs a mere penny. There is nothing to say about the ecological situation in this country – it is ideal, otherwise it would not be visited by millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

The city of Belek, which is located just 30 kilometers from Antalya, is considered to be particularly promising for relocation. This resort town has a perfect ecological environment. The fact is that in addition to snow-white beaches and emerald-colored sea water, Belek has a national nature reserve where you can observe relict trees, waterfalls, unique representatives of flora and fauna.

Lovers of history and archeology will find the ruins of the ancient cities of Aspendos and Perge in the vicinity of Belek. In travel agencies, a trip to Belek is considered a top tour, there are no hotels lower than five stars in This city. But why spend money on hotels when you can buy real estate in Belek and live in Paradise for the rest of your life? The only obstacle to Russian buyers is money. But to the surprise of buyers, the prices do not seem so exorbitant (especially when compared with the cost of Moscow apartments). Buyers can choose properties of different classes - from an inexpensive apartment to a respectable Villa. The cost of housing in Belek depends on several factors – proximity to the beach, the square and the city area.

It is worth noting another positive point, along with it you get a residence permit, which gives you the right to study, be treated and work in Turkey. Since Russian is spoken in Turkey in the same way as English, it will be extremely difficult to face the language barrier. The high level of medical services (Turkish clinics are as well equipped and qualified as German and Israeli medical institutions) and the well-coordinated work of state institutions will be the last arguments in favor of purchasing real estate in Belek.

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