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Investments in foreign real estate

Our company offers its clients a variety of investment opportunities in real estate in many countries around the world.

Your attention can be offered both commercial objects on the secondary market (usually already with long-term lease agreements), and investment projects that are in various stages of development. It is easy to buy a business abroad today.

The price range of our offers is quite wide (from several tens of thousands to tens of millions of euros) and can satisfy the interests of investors with different financial preferences.

The profitability of objects is also different and can fluctuate within a fairly wide range. Often, in countries with a more stable political system, a clear legal framework and a strong economy, the profitability of commercial objects is slightly lower than in countries with lower international ratings. There is always a choice that corresponds to the ratio of the degree of return to the possible risks. You can buy a ready-made business abroad in many countries.

In most countries of the world, the acquisition of a commercial object that brings sufficient annual income to its owner is a direct path to obtaining a residence permit. In different countries, the cost of the "entrance ticket" is different, and this factor must also be taken into account by the investor, along with the profitability and reliability of the investment.

If none of the objects already available in our database for any reason does not meet Your requirements, our specialists will select additional options for you in a short time in an amount sufficient for a reasonable choice.

You will also need legal and economic expertise. After preliminary selection of the object, our partners abroad, who know all the subtleties and nuances of local legislation, will provide you with the necessary and comprehensive information on all your questions. Buy a business abroad today is the right decision. Everything will be more expensive tomorrow.

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