Property in Halkidiki

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Property in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a peninsula in Greece on the Aegean coast. The peninsula got its name from the name of the city in Greece. The peninsula is divided in turn into three: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Halkidiki is home to Mount Athos with a height of 2033 meters, it is all covered with forests, so tired of the local beaches, you can go to the mountains. It is best to contact the climbing center to choose an easy route and not get lost in dense forests. To rent a villa or an apartment, you will be able to fully relax, get rid of the burden that may interfere with your life, all problems, worries and fatigue will simply disappear.

In our database you can buy any property in Halkidiki, HOUSES FOR SALE, apartments or apartments on the sea, luxury housing, real estate from the developer and any commercial property, hotels, shops, restaurants. Prices are expensive and inexpensive, but they are all from the owners, without intermediaries.

The coastline of Chalkidiki stretches for a distance of 852 meters and shallow bays shelter its beaches. In order to take a ride on one of the steamers or boats, you just need to come to the nearest beach. The main attraction in Hallkidiki is the ancient Greek fortress. Also, you should immediately visit one of the 20 monasteries that are scattered around Mount Athos.

Of the entertainment in Halkidiki, the following can be noted:

surfing on boards;
golf with famous locals;
casinos and slot machines;
as well as yachting.
Having fun on the peninsula is very simple, only there is one catch - only for adults. Alas, there is a meager choice for children in Halkidiki for recreation, so family people do not buy real estate here, or choose active recreation for their children. Children can be sent on an excursion to the mountains, or to the monastery, of course, under the supervision of a guide. Buying real estate in Halkidiki is a good decision, the cost of an apartment on this peninsula is from 60 thousand euros, but the price for a cottage is about 395 thousand euros.

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