Property on Corfu

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Property in Corfu
Kerkyra is the northernmost island of Greece and one of the largest. More commonly known as Corfu. This is a popular tourist center that is becoming more interesting and developed every year.
Kerkyra is home to many architectural and historical attractions. There is something to see and where to go. There is something interesting for the young, and for those who are much older. Thanks to its ancient history, Corfu has become one of the most visited Greek Islands. After all, it is here that a huge number of ancient temples, ruins, and buildings have been preserved.
In Kerkyra, they love to celebrate all kinds of festivals and religious holidays. People come here for impressions, and pilgrimage is common. Some parts of the island offer a lot of entertainment. Others will impress with peace and tranquility.

Buy a property in Corfu is worth at least because it can be profitable to rent. It is quite warm here: the average annual temperature is 22 degrees. But the cost of housing is average: most apartments in 2-3 rooms will cost 100-200 thousand euros. Houses and villas cost about 300-400 thousand euros. But there is no flashy luxury here, although you can find expensive apartments and mansions that cost more than a million euros.
Housing in Kerkyra is to invest in property, which will become more expensive every year. This acquisition will definitely be profitable and useful.

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