Property on Cyprus

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Cyprus is a beautiful, warm, sunny country, which has always attracted tourists from all over the world, as well as applicants for good real estate, because it is in this country that the most reasonable prices, in comparison with all of Europe. A special advantage if you buy property in Cyprus is the absence of property tax. This is a great place, both for a profitable investment, and as a permanent residence.

The country has a minimum crime rate and the highest standard of living.
You can buy real estate in Cyprus any and directly from the developer. Most often, it is the land plots and villas that are built on an individual project. You can buy apartments in new buildings, at very affordable prices and in different price categories. Stable and actively developing regions are considered Larnaca, Paphos and Limassol.

On the South-Eastern coast of Cyprus lies a very cozy resort town of Larnaca. This is an old and densely populated region. There are always a lot of tourists and real estate options. Due to its convenient transport interchange and proximity to all the popular cities of Cyprus, buying property in Larnaca is the right decision. The city has its own airport and serves more than 7 million tourists a year. Larnaca offers a wide range of properties for every taste. Here you can buy houses, villas, apartments of different classes and at any price policy. The purchased property can be used as a profitable investment and rented out to vacationers.

The largest resort city in Cyprus is Limassol. This resort attracts more than 20 thousand tourists from all over the world. Spacious beaches, clean water, Sunny weather, everything is conducive to a good rest. The place is international, almost all the Nations of the world live here. You can buy real estate in Limassol for renting to tourists and getting additional income, as well as as a place of permanent residence. Limassol has the longest holiday season in Cyprus, which attracts buyers who want to have their own house by the sea in the Sunny region. Here you can buy villas, houses, apartments for every taste and in different price categories.

Paphos fully reflects its name, it is a resort for wealthy, affluent people. This is the cleanest and most well-maintained region, with its own Golf courses, private schools, the best education, elite kindergartens and more. The majority of the population is British, but in the last few years Russian residents have been added to their number. Buying a property in Paphos is best as a permanent residence, as the region offers excellent conditions. But also, you can buy a house, Villa, cottage for rent to tourists. Despite all the pretentiousness of the region, you can find very low-cost real estate options here.

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