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Real estate in the Czech Republic

Purchasing real estate in the Czech Republic has become much more profitable when the Czech Republic joined the Schengen EU. Therefore, living in the Czech Republic, you can work anywhere in the European Union. Today the Czech Republic is a country with a stable economy, a good quality of life, low prices and great opportunities. The country is rich in natural and architectural monuments, people come here to get a first-class education, live and work light, or just enjoy the beautiful surrounding world. At least for the sake of all this, it is worth buying a house in the Czech Republic!

Popular regions and prices
Real estate in the Czech Republic is expensive for the average price of housing in Europe, and different regions of the country have a rather large difference in price. The most expensive houses and apartments are in the Czech capital Prague. averages from 180,000 crowns (€7453) per square, and can reach up to 250,000 crowns (€12,089) per sq.m. Housing in historical Prague, for example in Prague 1, Prague 2 or Prague 5, is more expensive than other areas of the capital. The most popular spa resorts in the regions are Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary and real estate in Prague is now popular

But for living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, you can pay any money. Inexpensive and high-quality housing can be found in the south-eastern region of the Czech Republic, which has not yet gained popularity. The cheapest houses are sold in the north of the country, but the quality of that real estate leaves much to be desired. We recommend looking at apartments and houses in Czech cities like Most, Litvinov and Teplice.

Buying a home in the Czech Republic is a great option for investment or just a long stay. A foreigner who has bought a home in the Czech Republic has the right to stay in the country without a residence permit for six months. Getting a residence permit and immigrating to the country is inexpensive and easy. You can almost always find a job in the country - there is no unemployment here. The cost of goods and services is commensurate with Russian ones, with much better quality. The Czech Republic pleases its inhabitants with a mild climate and beautiful nature.

Tourists come to the country throughout the year, so having real estate in popular tourist centers - Prague, Karlovy Vary, you can safely earn money by renting out housing.

Buying real estate in the Czech Republic with our help, you get not only the object itself, but also legal advice, assistance in obtaining a visa and other documents necessary to complete the transaction and live in the purchased property happily ever after!

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