Property on the Ionian Islands

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Real estate in the Ionian Islands

The rapid development of the tourist business has made the Ionian Islands the center of tourist Greece. The Islands have become a kind of pearl on the crown of the country, attracting tourists and those who want to change the stuffy city to the sea coast. Like all of Greece, the Ionian Islands have their own features and attractions: famous cities and bays, ancient buildings .

The most purchased property is in Corfu, because the island is aimed at those who prefer a quiet, measured and quiet life. Real estate prices in this region will not be high, but offers appear with enviable regularity. If you buy an apartment, house, Villa or even a hotel, you will discover Greece in a new way.

For architecture lovers, the island of Zakynthos is perfect, resembling a Medieval city with Venetian mansions, galleries, arches, cobbled streets and beautiful squares. This is more of a tourist island, where many hotels are concentrated.

The Islands of leucada and Kefalonia are suitable for those who want to buy property on the Ionian Islands, for those who love the unspoilt beauty of nature. The cost of real estate on the Islands is the most democratic.

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