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41 000 € 38 000 €
Продается студия в Лутраки (Лутраки-Перачора) - продается студия площадью 34...
137 000 € 130 000 €
Продается квартира в Лутраки (Лутраки-Перачора) - продается приморская...
93 000 € 90 000 €
Продается квартира в Лутраки (Лутраки-Перачора) € 90 000 53 т.м....
145 000 € 140 000 €
Продается квартира в Лутраки (Лутраки-Перачора) - продается квартира площадью...
77 000 € 72 000 €
Продается квартира в центре Афтн, полность отремонтированная и меблированная....
45 m2
400 000 € 360 000 €
Каллифея, Lofos Sikelias, Продажа офиса, 95 кв.м., Статус: С ремонтом, Этаж:...
93 m2
110 000 € 98 000 €
PATISIA Lamprini, квартира 54 кв.м., 3й этаж, светлая, 2 спальни, постройка...
68 000 € 65 000 €
Продается квартира в Центре (Лутраки-Перачора) - продается пентхаус площадью...
290 000 € 280 000 €
GLYFADA Terpsithea, penthouse 91 sqm, 4th floor, bright, front, 2 bedrooms,...
260 000 € 245 000 €
VYRONAS Metamorfosi, apartment in a new building 71 sqm, 1st floor, bright, 2...
2 050 000 € 2 000 000 €
Sea view, Pool, Bedrooms:5, Bathrooms:6, Size: 350m2 Villa
180 000 € 150 000 €
KALLITEA Lofos Filaretou, apartment 83 sq.m., 1st, 2 bedrooms, built in 1980,...
83 m2

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Greece is an amazing place where the incredible spirit of history, amazingly beautiful nature, and ancient monuments intertwine. What makes the country popular with tourists from all over the world. And investors have long recognized that real estate in Greece is a great option for investing their funds in Greek housing. Therefore, today, having a vacation home is a very good step. Both commercial and residential real estate is well rented and helps its owners make good money. Housing prices in Greece - the main reason for choosing this country. Apartments with sea views are cheaper than in Spain or Italy. Buying property in Greece - Discount-House will help you. For more than 6 years we have been on the real estate markets and provide not only direct housing from owners, but also legal assistance.

Buying property in Greece as well as selling property in Greece is our main focus. New buildings, apartments with sea or central views of the city, commercial real estate, villas or houses - we can choose the best option for you.

Real estate in Greece - prices

The cost of real estate in Greece depends on the areas, proximity of the sea, area and year. Real estate prices in Greece today are higher in Halkidiki, Rhodes and Crete.

It is best to choose the resort towns for yourself, since it is interesting for investors to buy housing in Greece, you can always rent it out. Buyers prefer the regions of Attica, Crete and Halkidiki. Travel lovers of historical places may be interested in the Peloponnese and the villages of Central Greece. Investors prefer commercial real estate in Greece precisely on the islands of the Ionian and Aegean.

Of course, Athens and Loutraki are considered the top city of course .. Greece is diverse and beautiful and everyone here will find their own cozy corner. Real estate in Greece today is a very good move. Real estate prices in Greece today are very low, installments and obtaining a residence permit are possible. Pay attention to luxury housing, it is much cheaper today than in previous years. It is better to buy real estate in Greece without intermediaries and on the seashore. Then the value of real estate in Greece will not decrease and it will always be possible to sell as quickly as you bought it.

Northern Greece

Real estate Agency in Greece

In search of a good option for buying a home in Greece, you should pay attention to the Northern part of the country. This area is in great demand among tourists, especially the resort towns of Halkidiki. You can buy a house by the sea on the beautiful Islands of Sithonia and Cassandra. The Islands are captivated by their beautiful beaches and incredibly beautiful nature. Also, excellent villas are waiting for their buyers on the island of Athos, which is famous for its monasteries. The city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece offers real estate in an attractive and developed region. This option is suitable for people interested in permanent residence in Greece, as Thessaloniki is a transport hub and economic center of the country. Also consider a beautiful place Corfu island Our real estate Agency in Greece is located in every region of the country and not only from owners and developers we can show you housing, but also banking. Where the price will be cheaper than the market by 20-30%

Central greece

Property prices in Greece

If you are a connoisseur of history, you are attracted by the spirit of important world events and are attracted by the desire to touch the ancient civilization, then the best option for buying real estate in Greece will be its Central part. This is the busiest area, with a developed infrastructure, an abundance of attractions and options for a full life. Central Greece is one of the safest and quietest areas, so it is suitable for families with children. It is best to buy a property in the capital of the country in Athens. This housing will never stop being liquid, and the price will only grow every year. A great option for making a profit from renting. You can also buy a house on the island of Peloponnese or in the area of Corinth. Good housing options are available on the island of Euboea and in Attica.  You can select the same city Glyfada and NEA Makri. Property prices in Greece are very affordable today. You can buy a good apartment in Athens for 20 000 euros, and you can for 1 000 000 on the Islands.


Grekodom real estate in Greece

Crete has always been popular with tourists and still attracts thousands of people who dream of seeing the legendary Minotaur Maze. But the Knossos Palace is not the most interesting place to visit in Chania . The region is considered the most developed in the entire Mediterranean region. You can buy a house in Crete both for permanent residence and for renting to tourists. Moreover, good cottages and villas in Crete are more than affordable, compared to other regions of Greece. We also recommend that you consider the resorts of Rethymno and Stavromenos for buying real estate. Grekodom real estate in Greece represents a lot, and we also cooperate with a leading company. But our objects are from different sources, so they differ very much both in price and owners.

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