Newly built properties for sale in Greece

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Sale of new buildings in Greece

The difficult economic situation in Greece has forced the government of this country to look for ways to replenish the budget and increase the business activity of the population. The solution to the problem was the sale of real estate in private hands to foreign citizens. For many years, the Greek government resisted this decision, but the law was passed. The sale of Islands in Greece was the first sign of a large-scale company to transfer land and large real estate properties to private hands. Another way out is the construction of new buildings in Greece.

Despite the high cost of the Greek Islands, buyers for such real estate did not have to look for a long time: they are much more than offers. The next in line was the sale of new housing in Greece, the implementation of which will not only replenish the state Treasury, but also restore these architectural attractions at the expense of investors. Under state control, these castles have fallen into disrepair, but it is expected that the new owners will turn them into new attractions that are interesting for tourists. Buy a new building in Greece today can be very profitable. At the built-up level, the price of new housing is lower. Developers in Greece give very good conditions, installment payments.

Apartments, villas, castles and Islands are not the only properties of interest to potential buyers. New buildings in Greece have much more potential, so today there is an opportunity to buy it. Due to the tourist orientation of the country's economy, new real estate in Greece is represented mainly by tourist infrastructure. The cost of such objects depends on the tourist attractiveness of the areas where they are located and the size of the property itself. For example, new apartments located on the beach in an ecologically clean area will cost the buyer 150 thousand euros.

Buying a new building in Greece is interesting both from an investment point of view and from the point of view of developing a profitable business abroad. In the first case, the purchase is profitable, because at the moment any property in Greece is highly undervalued, and in a few years it can be sold with good dividends. Buying new real estate for business abroad is interesting because the tourist flow to Greece does not dry up even in times of crisis, so this property will bring a guaranteed income.

A large number of offers on the commercial real estate market in Greece allows you to find the best object. Anyone can now invest in this type of property, including Russian citizens. Do not miss your chance to get your piece of land on the Islands, where summer lasts 300 days a year, and frosty winters have never even been heard of.

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