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Buy real estate in Israel

Israel is a country where real estate prices are constantly increasing. This creates a great opportunity for investment in housing because it retains and increases in value over time. Investing in real estate in Israel, you invest in an asset which has the potential to bring a stable income for a long time.
Israel is actively developed and has attracted investors from all over the world. It is a country with a high level of innovation, advanced technology and developed economy. Factors such as research centers, highly skilled and active start-up stage, make Israel an attractive place for investment in real estate.

We offer a wide selection of real estate in Israel

We present apartments, houses, commercial property and other options to meet the needs of different customers. You can choose a place that meets your preferences and budget.
High demand for real estate in Israel leads to rising prices. This creates excellent opportunities for investment as the property acquired will bring you a significant profit in the future. You can buy a property for own stay, renting or resale at a higher price.

The variety and affordability of real estate in Israel

1. The pace of construction and the housing shortage
In recent years, the construction of Israel is at a moderate pace. This leads to housing shortages and increased demand, which in turn affects the growth of real estate prices. Particularly high rates are observed in tel Aviv, which is considered one of the most expensive cities in the country. However, in other cities of Israel property prices are more affordable, which makes it attractive to buyers.

2. Top regions and the coastline
The Mediterranean coast, particularly the town of Netanya, is very popular among potential buyers. Here you can find a variety of properties, from apartments and condos to houses and villas. In addition, demand and southern Israel, in particular Eilat, located on the shore of the red sea.

3. Lending opportunities for foreign citizens

Foreign citizens have the opportunity to get a loan or mortgage for the conditions applicable for residents of the country. In Israel there are programs providing for the rate of 3% to 4%, while banks offer loans at a rate of about 7% per year. This should take into account mandatory payments, which may include:

The interest on the loan: depending on the financial institution and the terms of the agreement, the interest rate will be determined according to current rates.
Monthly payment: the purchase of real estate includes monthly mortgage payments that include principal and interest.

Tens of thousands of tourists come to this country to visit Jerusalem, tel Aviv, Tiberias, Caesarea, and be inspired by this Holy atmosphere. Despite the high housing prices in Israel, our managers will still find You discounts. There is also a RENTAL PROPERTY IN ISRAEL, it is also possible to rent a Villa or buy an apartment and rent in tel Aviv.

If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Israel and would like to receive more detailed information about available facilities and financial opportunities, please contact us.

The city of Netanya is an actively developing region of Israel. Every year it changes beyond recognition. Today, there is a huge selection of real estate available in Netanya near the coastline. You can choose from apartments in new high-rise buildings with sea views, houses, villas, cottages. These are very profitable options for living and renting to tourists. The demand for such housing will constantly grow, so after a while you can get a round sum for such a property. The cost of real estate in Netanya depends on the proximity to the sea and the view from the window. Here you can also buy your own Villa with a private plot of land, at very affordable prices.

The business center of Israel is the city of tel Aviv. For those who are looking for profitable commercial real estate options for opening their own business, this city will be an ideal option. The region is also considered the center of the country's cultural life, as it has everything you need for a comfortable, fulfilling life, work, study, and entertainment. Prices for apartments in new buildings in tal Aviv are constantly growing, so you should think about buying an apartment with a sea view right now. There are also many options for land plots for your own building. There are options for elite and more budget real estate.

The most expensive and elite housing is located in Hercilia. This region of Israel is created for a luxurious life and gathers the best representatives of the political strata of the population, consuls and other authorities. Here you can buy real estate in one of the most expensive villas in Israel, which is an exclusive architectural object. The cost of real estate here is very high and the closer the housing is located to the sea, the higher the cost increases. More affordable real estate options in Hercilia can be purchased at the "zero" stage of construction, as well as a variety of land plots.

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