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Real estate in Istanbul: on the way from Asia to Europe

Istanbul is the most associated city with Turkey. Many people mistakenly believe that this is the capital, but they are right in their own way. Istanbul is the main seaport, it is an important commercial, industrial and cultural center, and if in Italy all roads lead to Rome, then in Turkey all roads close in this city.

The convenient geographical location of the city makes it incredibly colorful. Ancient minarets and modern skyscrapers, street market stalls and European supermarkets stand side by side here. Istanbul is a city of great opportunities and prospects, so enterprising people who have chosen Turkey for living and business prefer to buy real estate in Istanbul.

You can buy a house in Istanbul in any neighborhood of the metropolis. You can profitably purchase an apartment, apartments or a house in Beyoglu or Uskudar. Incredibly, thanks to the Golden Horn Bay, which divides Istanbul into two parts, the port city is located on two continents at once - in Europe and Asia. Where you will live – in European or Asian territory - depends on which area you will buy a house in Istanbul. Each of the territories is beautiful in its own way and has a unique architectural flavor.

Those who have not been here have not seen Turkey, the sages say. And there is truth in their words. It is profitable to buy real estate in Istanbul not only for the purpose of living, but also for doing business, renting. Many people buy real estate in Istanbul for the sake of a successful investment.

If you are interested in buying reliable real estate in Istanbul, you will find a large selection of affordable housing on the website of DH, an online resource of a real estate agency engaged in the sale of apartments and houses throughout Turkey.

The company makes only legal real estate transactions, the documents for which are beyond doubt. When buying a house in Istanbul with the assistance of our specialists, you get only the object that you have approved and chosen.

Real estate in Istanbul, which you can purchase in a short time, is a house, apartment or villa. Housing prices here are quite reasonable, which distinguishes the city from other commercial, industrial, cultural and tourist cities on the way from Asia to Europe.

If you are an entrepreneur, businessman, and you are interested in real estate in Turkey, Istanbul is exactly the option that will help open up your creative potential, bypassing all housing and communal problems.

Own accommodation in Istanbul is a great option for a vacation, a creative business trip or relaxation. Watching from the kitchen window the shadow of the Blue Minaret, the fishermen fishing for a bull in the Bosphorus, listening through the open window to the call of a candy merchant in the covered bazaar, you will feel the harmony of the connection of the ancient city and your home comfort. We offer: only the best real estate in Istanbul.

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