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75 000 € 70 000 €
Рассрочка до 1 года, первоначальный взнос - 50% Скидка при наличной...
45 m2
74 000 € 69 500 €
Первоначальный взнос - 50% Между историческим и бизнес центрами Стамбула...
52 m2
89 500 €
Готовые квартиры с рассрочкой до 12 месяцевВысокое качество застройки и...
140 m2
88 500 €
Рассрочка до 12 месяцев, первоначальный взнос 50%Возможность получения...
100 m2
64 000 € 60 000 €
Гарантия аренды на 3 года с годовым доходом 6% на категорию...
46 m2
93 500 € 90 500 €
Первоначальный взнос 50% Плавательный бассейн, сауна, фитнес...
72 m2
60 000 € 57 500 €
Рассрочка до 1 года, первоначальный взнос - 50% Высокое качество...
73 m2
40 000 € 37 000 €
Возможность получения гражданства Турции Рассрочка до 1 года,...
68 m2
67 000 € 63 000 €
Удобная планировка Крытый бассейн, сауна, фитнес Выгодное место...
73 m2
350 000 € 340 500 €
Первоначальный взнос 50% 2 км до пролива Босфор Качество материалов...
84 m2
Apartments, Istanbul, Turkey, ID19351 photo Apartments
210 000 € 195 500 €
Удобное расположение рядом с университетами и больницами...
86 m2
74 000 € 70 000 €
Специальное предложение для получения гражданства Индивидуальный дизайн...
48 m2

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the Increased level of income of Russian citizens has given rise to one problem – keeping earned. Among our compatriots traditionally distrust of financial and exchange instruments as a way of saving capital, a much higher demand for real estate investment. But in order to investing in real estate has allowed not only to preserve but also to increase capital, will have to carefully choose the object and the region of attachment. This is considered to be a popular region in Turkey – Istanbul.

For this type of investment is much more profitable to buy property in Istanbul, not in Russia. This Turkish metropolis is not accidental: according to the world's financial institutions, housing greatly underestimated, and both residential and commercial. For example, the world Bank and the "HSBC" predict that will continue to grow as long as its value is not equal to the real estate prices of the leading world capitals.

In many ways, this appeal helps to conceive and to buy property in Istanbul, this is due to the extensive economic reforms of the government. The General opinion of experts on the economy of Turkey in General and Istanbul in particular was affected by major infrastructure and construction projects in Istanbul. For example, in 2018, in Istanbul completed construction of one of the largest air harbors in the world. Also, there is built a third bridge over the Bosphorus linking Europe and Asia by land.

last but Not least, why the Russians are buying housing in Istanbul is climate: mild subtropical climate provides warm, long summers and almost snowless winter, that allows to consider the city as a place of permanent residence for the whole family. Despite the fact that Istanbul – 14 million metropolis, the environmental situation there is very different from Moscow: vast green spaces in the city and beyond, can effectively clear the air of smog. The proximity of the Marmara and the Black sea provides over the city the sea breeze, which prevents the exhaust gases gather above the city.

More recently, the legal acquisition was not possible, but with the recent reforms, all restrictions were lifted. With a wide range, the Russians can pick up a house or apartment according to your taste and possibilities. One person can find a comfortable Studio apartment, and for married couples – two or three-bedroom apartment.

the Safety, environment, service and the lack of language barrier – all this makes the Istanbul real estate a very attractive for our compatriots. But if you consider the fact that the apartment in this Paradise is the same as Khrushchev in the Russian regional center, such acquisition can make almost every citizen of Russia, radically changing their lives for the better.

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