Apartments for sale in the Stambul

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Apartment in Istanbul: buy and move in!

Istanbul differs significantly from the resort cities of Turkey, located on the Mediterranean Sea. The unique geographical location, which divided it into the Asian and European parts by a bay, did not deprive the city of the sea element. However, the beach resort industry in Istanbul is not developed. It is a commercial, industrial, cultural and historical capital, where thousands of businessmen, history lovers and adherents of a unique shopping flavor from all over the world strive every day.

Those who associate themselves with active Turkey prefer to buy an apartment in Istanbul. Entrepreneurs, managers, production workers, artists and writers from many European countries come to Istanbul to work, on a business trip, to search for nature. A private apartment in Istanbul solves the housing issue where living is not limited to a week or a month. Of course, square meters can be rented, but an apartment in Istanbul, owned by you personally, is a guarantee of your quiet and reliable stay with all the utilities.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul is more economical and more profitable than buying a villa or a house. A one-, two–bedroom apartment in the old or new part of the city is a comfortable budget option for a small family or one person. If you want a larger–scale apartment with a terrace, a panorama from the window - you can buy apartments in Istanbul. Believe me, the prices of apartments here are significantly lower than the cost of an apartment in the capitals of the CIS.

It is better to buy apartments in Istanbul through intermediaries – realtors who will take care of the security of documents and make a deal with a quality guarantee. The best inexpensive apartments for both the primary and secondary real estate markets can be found on the DH website. The specialists of the company engaged in the sale of apartments and houses throughout Turkey will select the most profitable real estate option for you in Uksudar or Beyoglu.

If you want to buy a house and immediately settle in it, you can buy an apartment in Istanbul with furniture, household appliances, dishes. The company's consultants from the Discount-house agency will answer all your questions about choosing an object over the phone or online.

It is possible to buy a comfortable apartment in Istanbul, the price of which will be acceptable even for a modest budget. DH: The keys to your apartment in Istanbul are in our hands!

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