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the Lake and Mangere – one of the 4 largest lakes in Italy, it sounds like the translation of his name "large lake". Mangore washes Italy and Switzerland, it is famous for its mild climate and gorgeous scenery, crystal clear water in the lake. Often, all the water mist that comes down the mountains and settles over the shore. Alpine mountains obgorodili pit LEGO Mangore, so he has an interesting silhouette that is reminiscent of a snake about 60 kilometers in length and a depth of 370 meters.

In Italy, the lake bathes the region of Lombardy and Piedmont, and many small streams originate in Lago Mandiore. The air temperature usually does not exceed 28 degrees Celsius, and the tourist rush starts in may. Mountain view, lake view, old palaces, Botanical gardens and stunning landscapes – all around the lake, so relaxing you can not only swim in a clean lake, but also to develop culturally, visiting museums. The locals will gladly show you the way and even tell you of the tradition of their family here are all very welcoming to tourists and new residents. If you decide to buy a property on Lake Mandiore, you will have to spend about 300 thousand euros for a huge Villa. But remember that you are investing in the vacation on warm evenings for yourself and your family. Real estate here is not cheap, but it's worth it. The lake and Mangore collects near her and the children and adults. Near lake Mandiore has everything for a family and regular life, and student experience for a romantic getaway - here you will find an endless harmony with yourself and nature around you. This is a place created for people, if you are tired of the monotony of everyday life and noise of machinery – you are at the right place!

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