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If you prefer to stay in busy resorts, then Limassol is a great option for you. In addition to the status of a resort city, Limassol is also the business center of the island. This is where the main offices of global companies that operate in Cyprus. At the same time, a large number of foreigners live here. By the way, the largest Russian Diaspora on the island is located in Limassol.
Apartments and apartments in Limassol are suitable for people who want not only to relax in Cyprus, but also to conduct business here. A large selection of international schools for Expat children. Buying properties in this region will be a good investment, because the rental of real estate in Limassol is equally strong in the non-resort season.
The cost of housing in Limassol
A place that is perfect for lovers of a larger city and all the delights that it brings to people's lives. But it is worth noting that the prices of objects on average 30% higher than in other localities. Therefore, many people want to buy an apartment in Limassol today. However, it is here that the most elite residential complexes for foreign tourists rise.

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