Property in Montenegro

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Real estate in Montenegro

Heading off for a vacation, wouldn't you love to find yourself in a small European country with breathtaking nature? Just imagine, Montenegro has 17 times fewer people than in a typical European capital. Its population is just 750,000. This is a country where people have nowhere to rush. Almost all small and medium businesses are somehow connected to tourism. And today, real estate in Montenegro has excellent prospects. The market offers a wide selection, including both residential and commercial properties. Discount-house agency can assist you in buying real estate in Montenegro. We'll talk about property prices in Montenegro a bit later.

The cost of real estate in Montenegro depends on various factors:

  • Region and area
  • Proximity to the beach
  • Infrastructure availability
  • Closed territory and landscaping with gardens/pools
  • Year of construction

Real estate in Montenegro becomes more and more popular with each passing year. Property prices in Montenegro increase by an average of 5-7% annually. You can buy property on the coast of Budva or Bar for 60,000 to 100,000 euros.

For example, the cost of a property in Montenegro: an apartment in the south of Montenegro will cost you between 80,000 and 140,000 euros. The same apartment, with similar characteristics, in the north will cost between 40,000 and 80,000 euros.

Vacation in Montenegro feels like coming home. Not only because you can find any nationality among the 750,000 people but also because the local language is more like Russian than even Ukrainian. Additionally, a significant portion of the population understands Russian well. Language barrier issues won't arise in this country. The country's population consists of Serbs (32%) and Montenegrins (43%). The main religion is Orthodox Christianity, followed by 74% of the population. Montenegro delights with its climate throughout the year. This small country is home to three climate zones: coastal with a Mediterranean climate, continental, and mountainous. The sea is always good. In summer, the average temperature stays around +26.5 degrees Celsius. The sea in August, considered the hottest month in Montenegro, warms up to +25 degrees, and in September to +24. Winter temperatures on the coastal part don't drop below -5 degrees. This climate prevails in the coastal part: from the mouth of the Boyana River to Herceg Novi. The continental climate is drier and hotter, with air temperatures sometimes reaching +40°C. You can buy an apartment or house in Montenegro both by the sea and in the mountains.

But people visit Montenegro not only for sunbathing and swimming. Skiing is one of the most popular types of recreation in Montenegro. In the mountains of Zabljak, there's a subalpine climate. Sometimes snow in the mountainous part of the country lasts all year round, creating ideal conditions for the development of skiing.

Is a visa required for Montenegro?

No, you don't need a visa to travel to Montenegro! Montenegro is on the list of visa-free countries. All you need is a passport and a plane ticket. You don't have to go through the lengthy process of obtaining a Schengen visa to travel to Montenegro. Without a visa, you can enjoy a month-long vacation in Montenegro.

Montenegro's nature is truly untouched. This country is considered the most environmentally friendly in all of Europe. The diversity of landscapes will amaze any tourist: mountains covered with black forests at the foothills and crowned with caps of white clouds, cypress groves, turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, canyons, mountain settlements reminiscent of the Caucasus. You might get the impression that you are in Turkey, Crimea, and Croatia simultaneously. The only difference is that this feeling arises only in Montenegro. That's why both investors and tourists want to buy real estate in Montenegro, to avoid renting accommodation.

Vacation in Montenegro

If you are choosing a country for both vacation and investment, Montenegro deserves your careful attention. Despite being a rapidly developing European country, prices remain relatively low. Montenegro is among the top ten countries with the highest rates of tourism development.

If you decide to invest in real estate, investing in Montenegro is one of the most profitable options by the sea. Real estate prices in this country are growing rapidly. The growth is from 20 to 30% per year. Real estate in Montenegro can be profitably rented out. And most importantly, what you can do with your house in Montenegro is just live in it. Because in this country, it seems like nature itself is created for comfort: no scorching heat, no harsh frosts. Everyone will find a place for real relaxation in Montenegro.

A seaside town with a large selection of good real estate options is a Bar. This is a popular place not only among tourists, but also for those who want to invest in a valuable purchase. The city has a developed infrastructure, all year round there are shopping centers, shops, cafes, restaurants and other public institutions. You can buy real estate for both commercial and residential purposes. The bar is perfect as a permanent residence. In addition to work, the city also offers the best conditions for a beach holiday. Spacious coastline, incredibly beautiful nature, many attractions. You can buy a house by the sea in Bar for rent to tourists.

The most popular resort on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro is the town of Budva. This is an old, historical settlement with its own ancient history. Excellent, mild climate, not scorching sun, clean beaches, and have to rest. Therefore, real estate by the sea in Budva is in such demand on the market. Having your own house on the beach is a very profitable investment for getting a stable income on renting it out. If you buy an apartment, Villa, or cottage in Budva, you will always be in the center of the country's vibrant cultural life. In the real estate market of the city, there are a lot of options for good houses, apartments near the coastline, but these are the most expensive options. If you are looking for a place to live on a permanent basis, it is better to pay attention to real estate in Central areas. Popular regions in Montenegro are Kotor , Tivat , Zabljak, Danilovgrad and Podgorica. In General, Montenegro is all beautiful.

Sutomore is the second most popular resort town after Budva. Located on the Adriatic coast, it is a highlight of the Bavarian Riviera. Life in this region is booming. Many entertainment venues, cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, historical attractions and, of course, real estate options. You can buy commercial and residential real estate in Sutomore. Housing by the sea is in great demand, as it is a profitable investment. Very beautiful and clean beaches, annually attract tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world and having a house, cottage or Villa by the sea, you can rent it to tourists, having a constant, profitable income. We also recommend that you consider Good Water

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