Newly built properties for sale in Montenegro

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New buildings in Montenegro from the developer

Those who are going to purchase new buildings in Montenegro should know that they are put into operation in a fully finished form with all the necessary finishes. By the way, all the materials from the developer are of high quality — they use Spanish or Italian tiles, parquet, aluminum or plastic double-glazed windows, install an air conditioning system in all rooms, "Underfloor heating", connect the Internet and telephone, install a satellite antenna and you can connect Russian channels... New real estate in Montenegro is 95% equipped with all necessary plumbing and 40% expensive built-in appliances in the kitchen.

New building for sale in Montenegro: prices
In most cases, the cost of housing in new buildings in Montenegro is about 20% higher than the cost of an apartment on the secondary market. The exception is secondary housing located in the center of a city or village, located on the first coastline. The price of such options sometimes exceeds the price of the primary real estate.

The following factors influence the pricing in Montenegro:

The location of the property. The prestige level of the area where the house is located.

The distance from the Adriatic coast, the view from the window, the slope of the road, whether there is an entrance to the house and Parking for a car.

The nearby infrastructure and the degree of its development (cafes, schools, shops, attractions, etc.).

You can buy a new building in Montenegro on the first coastline for an average of 2600-3500 EUR per sq. m. And the price of apartments located 300 m from the beach will be approximately 2600-3800 EUR. The cost of housing removed from the shore line by more than 800 m will be about 2200-2500 EUR.

It is noteworthy that all of the presented locations are popular with potential buyers, because each of them has its own advantages.

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