Property on North Cyprys

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Real estate in Northern Cyprus on the beach

Northern Cyprus is currently in an active stage of development of the real estate market, which opens up great prospects and opportunities to buy good housing at the most affordable price. Buy a property in Northern Cyprus - you make a profitable investment, as its value will grow every year. Here you can find options for commercial and residential real estate. We offer a choice of apartments, villas, houses from budget to luxury options. Northern Cyprus has all the conditions for a full life and offers opportunities for successful work and training. The most popular areas to purchase real estate, is considered Famagusta, Kyrenia and Gaziveren.

Famagusta is a historical corner of Northern Cyprus, the region is simply imbued with the spirit of bygone times and contains many ancient and valuable objects. The region is located in a quiet Harbor with incredibly beautiful nature and a charming atmosphere. Buying real estate in Famagusta will definitely interest those who love architecture, beautiful cathedrals and amphitheatres, and those who appreciate art in all its manifestations. Buying a house, apartment, Villa in this region will be a very profitable decision, as it gathers in its vicinity hundreds of thousands of tourists who want to personally touch the history, visit the Venetian Palace, the temple of St. Barnabas, Othello tower and other local attractions. Real estate prices vary greatly depending on the selected area and class of housing. There are many options for apartments and apartments from the developer.

Another ancient city with its own history is Kyrenia. This region is perfect for profitable investment in local real estate, as well as for permanent residence. Kyrenia has a developed infrastructure, there are many shops, markets, cafes, hospitals, educational institutions and more in the city. Moreover, you can buy real estate near the sea and enjoy the incredible view, or rent housing to tourists. Especially popular is the area near the local Harbor, buy real estate there, it will be very profitable.

A great place to build your business will be a small town in Northern Cyprus – Gaziveren. It is known for its food. Here you can always find fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. To buy property in Gaziveren is for those who wish to engage in agricultural activities. Also, the place is advantageous for permanent residence, as it is quiet, without the constant noise of tourists. Buying your own home will be a good investment, as the place offers a lot of options for opening your own business. Real estate prices in Gateverse very affordable.

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