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Phuket Island remains one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists in Thailand. After visiting here, many are eager to come back again, impressed by the laid-back lifestyle and comfortable climate conditions. Real estate in Thailand, especially on Phuket, is equally sought after for permanent residence and investment. The province offers a wide selection of properties, with houses and villas being particularly popular. The pandemic has significantly influenced changing preferences, and now most prospective property owners are seeking to live in comfortable homes.

1. Choosing Between a Villa and a House

Before starting your search for real estate in Phuket, it's essential to decide on the type of property you want. The typical choice is between villas and houses. Villas on the island are luxurious and spacious mansions with sea views and private pools. Houses, on the other hand, are often located in residential areas and offer more affordable prices.

2. Prices for Villas and Houses

One of the main advantages of buying property in Phuket for foreigners is the affordable prices. Comparing them to similar properties in European resorts, you can see the cost-effectiveness of Thai real estate. Villa prices depend on the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the landscape features. Properties with sea views and private pools naturally come at a higher price.

  • Villas up to 100 sq. m. start at 100,000 euros;
  • Villas larger than 100 sq. m. range from 200,000 euros and above;
  • Villas with an area of over 500 sq. m. can cost 1 million euros and more.

It's important to note that prices for villas and houses in Phuket for investment and permanent residence are dynamic, influenced by the global pandemic situation and the country's economic conditions.

3. Investments in Phuket Houses

Long-term investments in villas on Phuket can yield substantial profits. Over the past 10 years, the cost of houses on the island has increased by 3-5% annually, making real estate investment a lucrative option for investors. Moreover, passive income from villa purchases can be quite significant:

  • Annual capitalization yields around 3% and above;
  • Purchasing off-plan properties can generate a return of 20-30% after completion, as the value appreciates steadily;
  • Short-term rentals through licensed property management companies by the sea can offer returns of 7-10%.

4. Legal Aspects of Buying Property

Foreigners have the right to own only the building itself on the land, not the land on which it stands. However, this does not restrict the property owner's rights to use their property at their discretion. Foreigners are allowed to purchase any type of property, and long-term rental agreements can address all necessary documentation and subsequent resale if needed.

Buying a villa in Phuket, Thailand, presents a fantastic opportunity to acquire luxurious property in one of the most attractive destinations for both leisure and investment. Reasonable prices, profitable investment prospects, and a delightful climate make Phuket an appealing choice for Russian investors and tourists alike.

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