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Предлагаем квартиру в центре города Скалея. Квартира на 3-ем этаже 5-ти...
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If you want to live on the coast of Sunny Italy, but you want to save money on buying a home, you need to pay attention to the town of Scalea. It is a small town located in the South of the Apennine Peninsula, on the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea (region of Calabria, province of Cosenza).

Scalea is a beautiful place, devoid of hustle and bustle. Clean sea and beautiful mountain scenery make it very nice and cozy. Only a little more than 12 thousand people live here, but the infrastructure is very well developed. The city is almost always Sunny and warm, and prices are low.

If you want real estate in Scalea, you need to hurry. After all, this is a very popular place among those who want to buy a home in Italy. Prices for apartments and houses are low, on average, ordinary 2-3-room apartments cost 30-50 thousand euros. Of course, there is also luxury housing, but it is not so much. And you can find very low-cost options that "pull" only thousands of 20 euros. But mostly all the apartments are in good condition, you can immediately live in them and there are a lot of them.

When choosing a home, pay attention to the areas of Scalea. Very well located residential area Piano Lettieri. The other Petrosa is located far away and you need to have a car. Pentosa is almost the edge of the city, and it's not very convenient to live there. In addition, people live almost exclusively in Piano Lettieri, but the other two residential areas are inhabited mainly in the summer. The highest prices in and near the center.

Buying a property in Scalea is a very successful investment. After all, the city is developing, a port and a huge shopping center have begun to be built here. So this is an investment in the future. It is also very quiet, there are no Mafiosi and domestic crimes..Scalea is beautiful and cozy. This is a Paradise for those who love peace and relaxation, buying a house here, you will never lose.

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