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The advantage of registering on the website of ads abroad

The ability to edit your ads. Receive an email response from site users. Subscribe to a free newsletter of ads. Use a notepad. Order a paid service with which you can highlight your ads, move them to the top or put it in a separate category located permanently in the left column on the main page.

It won't take you more than a minute.

Today, a bulletin board abroad on the Internet is a platform that allows you to advertise your services and goods. The ability to advertise for free or for a fee on our resource gives several advantages to the user. The created ad will appear on the pages of the site immediately after its publication, the ad will save users from unnecessary intermediaries, the ad can always be adjusted independently, when submitting an ad, it is necessary to observe the rules of ad placement and generally accepted norms and legislation.

Rules for placing foreign ads
1. The responsibility for the content of the ads in full lies with the authors of the ads.
2. Each ad must be checked by the administrator.
3. By adding an ad, you agree to comply with the existing ethical standards and requirements set out on this page.
4. You waive all possible claims against the administration of the bulletin board related to the functioning of the site, acceptance or refusal to accept this or that ad, removal of ads by the administrator.
5. The administrator has the right to delete the ad and / or close access for further work with the bulletin board without explaining any reasons.

It is forbidden:
- to place the same ad in different sections;
- place an ad whose content does not correspond to the topic of the selected section;
- insert meta tags, all kinds of code, incomprehensible symbols and drawings into the ad;
- submission of an ad without specifying data for feedback (email, phone or URL);
- submission of ads containing profanity and violating moral norms.
- submission of ads related to financial activities without specifying the phone number and address abroad. Network marketing and other pyramids also follow this rule.

- illegal activity: hacking passwords, wireless networks, bank accounts, etc. Well, even the smallest services like manicure Torrevieja can be found on our website.

Site administration.

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