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Interior Designer services in Dubai

Stages of development of a design project for your apartments and houses in Dubai

At the first meeting, we communicate a lot, find out your preferences in style, color solutions, your goals, preferences of your family members, your lifestyle, and much more. All these are important points, because interior design in Dubai is very individual, and is done for each individual person so that he or she can live as comfortably as possible in this interior.

We conclude a contract. Then, during the conversation, we write down all the important details and your wishes in the terms of reference.

According to your requirements and budget, we will choose the appropriate type and composition of the design project. After agreeing on all the important points, the work of the designer in the UAE in Dubai begins on the project of your future apartment interior.


1) Dimensioning and analysis of architectural and technical features of the premises;

2) Solving functional problems of the room and stylistic preferences;

3) Development of 3 options for the future interior with placed furniture and interior items;

4) Approval of one of the options, adjustments;

5) Creation of working drawings:

● Dimensional drawing with room explications;

● Partition dismantling/installation plan;

● The layout of the premises after the redevelopment with the arrangement of furniture;

● Specifications of doors and openings;

● Development of 3 options for the future interior with placed furniture and interior items;


At this stage, the following are selected:

● Finishing materials (tiles, parquet, wallpaper, plaster, etc.);

● Kitchen and plumbing equipment;

We are well aware of the assortment and pricing policy of suppliers and stores offering these products, and we will help you choose the best quality at the best price. Further, taking into account the selected finishing materials and equipment, the following are prepared:

● Equipment and materials placement plan;;

● A plan for binding electrical equipment, sockets and switches, etc.;

● Ceiling and floor plan with indication of types of coverings;

● Indoor lighting plan with reference to switches;

● Solving functional problems of the room and stylistic preferences;


At this stage, the following are being developed:

● Room scans with electrical equipment binding;

● Scans of drawings of ceramic tiles, floor coverings;

● Plans and drawings of non-standard decorative elements;

● 3D visualization of the premises;

● Statement of interior decoration;


● Interior decoration of the apartment;

● Author's supervision, technical supervision;

● Approval of redevelopment;

● Engineering projects, executive projects;

● Operational design, project engineering;

● Architectural projects of low-level construction;

● Landscape design;

How does the work on the project begin?

After the design project is ready

After that, the finished interior design project in Dubai in your apartment is transferred to you. However, in order for it to be implemented as accurately and quickly as possible, we recommend that you do not part with us, and use our services for high-quality finishing and comprehensive repair of the apartment, coordination of necessary documentation, purchase and delivery of necessary construction and finishing materials, etc. In addition, by ordering us to perform all the finishing work on your project, we will refund you the full cost of the design project! We appreciate your time and nerves, and we will do everything so that you can live in comfort and coziness, so that your home gives you aesthetic pleasure.

Creating the perfect Dubai UAE interior design

The interior design of a United Arab Emirates apartment is a reflection of the soul of its owners. Therefore, by cooperating with the client, we encourage his participation from the very beginning, without losing sight of any detail of your character, preferences and lifestyle. The interior design of an apartment should take into account many details: Your tastes and habits, marital status and lifestyle, character and daily routine, and many more important details and nuances that all must be taken into account. This is how you can achieve the desired result and make a design project of an apartment that will not only be cozy, as comfortable and functional as possible, but will also resemble a work of art in its beauty and conciseness.

We will create a design project in Dubai, which will be able to make the most interesting ideas about cozy, functional and stylish housing come true, with our specialists you will be able to go all the way, starting from the design and ending with the commissioning of the apartment. All your fantasies and dreams will be brought to life by us.

Hello! Ready to help you. Write to me if you have any questions.