718 founded
Catamaran HONG XI 23 000 ฿
Yacht - With 2 26 000 ฿
SANDDAY #NM02 28 000 ฿
TOKYO #BF2 14 000 ฿
Yacht and boat rental Negotiable price
FERRETTI 80 - SOFIA  95 000 ฿
TECHNEMA 89  100 000 ฿
Booking for boats during the New Year period 16 000 ฿
KRAM NM01 22 000 ฿
Yacht and boat rental 96 000 ฿
yacht trips 30 $
Sea fishing 60 $
Private Romantic Dinner Sail For Two in Alicante 120 €
Yacht rental CATAMARAN LAGOON 380 700 €
Recreation and fishing Negotiable price
Sea fishing , tuna fishing Negotiable price
Yacht charter Riva Eva Kant in Europe 15 000 €
Sea fishing at sunset Negotiable price
Rent a jet ski Negotiable price
Yacht charter in Dubai - Majesty 70 ft 900 Dh
Yacht charter in Dubai - Azimuth 42 Feet 599 Dh
Dubai Yacht Charter - Alshaali 90 Feet 2 100 Dh
Dubai Yacht Charter - Azimuth 80 Feet 1 600 Dh
Fishing turnkey for tuna Negotiable price
Yacht charter in Dubai - Azimuth 50 Feet Azimuth 50 ft. Yacht 749 AED / Hour Up to 17 guests Dubai Marina Min. two hours 50 feet Azimuth 50 ft. Yacht 749 Dh
Yacht charter in Dubai - Majesty 55 Ft. Yacht 749 Dh
Yacht charter in Dubai - Majesty 48ft 700 Dh
Rent a mini yacht in Dubai - Gulf Craft 36 Feet 549 Dh
Rent a yacht/boat in Dubai - Gulf Craft 500 Dh
Dubai Yacht Charter - Gulf Craft Yacht 600 Dh
Fishing for tuna Negotiable price
Professional big fish fishing Negotiable price
Shark fishing Negotiable price
Yacht charter Ferretti 881 SANS ABRI in Europe 62 000 €
Yacht charter Mangusta ENZO in Europe 45 000 €
Yacht charter Pershing 115 in Europe 70 000 €
Yacht charter Sunreef 80 LEVANTE in Europe 44 500 €
Yacht charter Pershing ANGELS&DEMONS in Europe 28 000 €
Boat rental in Alicante - Remus 450 185 €
Boat rental: in Alicante, Benidorm 290 €
Yacht school in Alicante, Benidorm Negotiable price
Yacht charter 24m ENJOY in Europe 30 000 €
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Do you want to buy a boat or a yacht? Do you dream of escaping from boring everyday life and discovering a new dimension of outdoor activities?

You are on the right track!

DH-Service company works with the official distributors of the legendary shipbuilding brands Jeanneau (France), Prestige (France), Four Wins (USA), Linssen Yachts (Holland) and Wim van der Valk (Holland). Here you can also buy boats with a Yamaha water jet drive system (USA), American fiberglass boats Glastron (USA) and boats from the Finnish manufacturer Yamarin. The main advantage of DH-SERVICE is a wide range of motor boats made of both composite materials and metal, ranging from fishing boats to premium class cruise boats.

Plastic boats for water walks

The French shipping company Jeanneau has become known all over the world thanks to its plastic motor boats . The modern model range of the manufacturer includes pleasure boats, fishing boats and luxury motor yachts. The best choice for a family holiday is the universal pleasure boats of the Cap Camarat series, which have excellent aerodynamic characteristics, a well–thought-out hull design and simple controls. For a long comfortable stay, you can buy a Jeanneau plastic cabin boat of the Leader series, and fishing and hunting lovers will surely appreciate the excellent Merry Fisher fishing boats. In our catalog there is also a winner in the nomination "The best European motor yacht up to 40 feet" of 2011 - the NC 11 cruiser, as well as the best models of the Prestige series, which have repeatedly become the best motor yachts of the year.

The line of plastic boats and yachts is continued by the models of the American company Four Wins, one of the leading manufacturers of pleasure craft. The company produces five series of vessels in a plastic hull, including Sundower cabin pleasure boats (S series), Funship deck boats for outdoor activities (F series), Horizon outdoor boats (H series), Vista cruise motor yachts (V series) and luxury sports boats of the SL series. An equally well-known manufacturer of plastic yachts and boats is the Finnish company Yamarin, which has chosen the safety of its vessels as its main goal. The company sells Hard Top hard-roofed boats for walking in any weather, Day Cruiser cabin boats with European-level comfort, Open series vessels for summer open-air cruises and Cabin wheelhouse boats.

Steel and aluminum yachts from the Netherlands

The best example of pleasure craft in a metal hull are steel and aluminum motor yachts of the Dutch firms Linssen Yachts and Wim van der Valk.

In the Linssen Yachts line, the sale of yachts of the most versatile Range Cruiser series is in the greatest demand. Steel motor vessels with Aft Cabin and without it (Sedan) occupy their separate niche in the market. Linssen Yachts motor yachts are classics presented through the prism of modern perception of luxury and prestige. Lovers of family holidays who prefer to spend their weekends in nature, most often buy yachts of this brand. Another Dutch company, Win van der Valk, was made famous by Continental motor yachts with their unflappable "masculine character", readiness for any tests and a reference range. The principal advantage is that Continental motor yachts are ideally adapted to operation in Russian reservoirs. In the salons of Spain, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey and Italy, you can buy yachts of this series in steel and aluminum hulls. They are ideal for long water walks and active navigation. In addition, the prices of yachts from Dutch manufacturers vary quite widely.

New boats, yachts and motorboats in 2022

To anyone who wants to buy a modern model of a boat or yacht, we offer boats from the model range of 2022. You have a unique opportunity to purchase a motor boat, boat or yacht, the sale of which started quite recently and has not yet acquired a massive scale. Our catalog includes new motor yachts of the Scandinavian type, which are ideal for fans of sea cruises. This is a more advanced version of the popular cruise ship with two separate guest cabins and an opening sunroof. Among the latest novelties, you can also buy a plastic PRESTIGE motor yacht, which is nominated for the prestigious awards “European Powerboat of the Year 2022” and “Motor Boat of the year 2022”.

By buying a yacht or a boat in DH Service, you will discover a world of limitless possibilities of navigation!

Hello! Ready to help you. Write to me if you have any questions.