Property in Sithonia

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property for Sale in Sithonia

Leading construction company in the world has always sought to enter the construction market of Greece: the unique climatic conditions and attractive prices makes the construction of residential and commercial properties in the country is very promising. However, the only obstacle to developers was the prohibition for foreigners owning Greek land.

But with the advent of the economic crisis, the position of the Greek authorities has changed dramatically: for the purposes of replenishment of the budget was allowed to sell many uchastkom which began to build houses and apartments. One such place where today many people want to buy property in Sithonia.

Then it came to the standard of real estate in Athens – castles, villas, Salnikov, previously considered a national treasure and not sold for any money. However, selling a property in Sithonia, Central Macedonia due to the limited number of buyers could significantly boost the coffers. In this sense, it is much more efficient were selling land for development.

real Estate in Athens can be sold in the city and beyond. The purchase of suburban housing is preferable due to the fact that it is possible to construct large area, and the price is much cheaper. As for the cost, it also depends on the proximity to the sea, the availability of road and engineering infrastructure (electricity, water, gas).

Despite the fact that Greek legislation much easier for foreign buyers still remain a number of difficulties, one of which – obtaining the building permit. To avoid bureaucratic procedures, purchasing land with a ready solution. Another option to circumvent bureaucratic obstacles may be appeal to a specialized firm, which will help to draw up documents and to understand the peculiarities of local legislation. Such firms willing to work with Russian clients, so the language barrier by speaking to them does not arise.

currently, home buyers in Athens open the possibility of acquiring land in the most picturesque places overlooking the sea. After the construction of her residential complex or hotel, the cost of this land has grown significantly, bringing your buyer a huge profit, to which and Russian investors and developers.

well-Developed construction sector of the island country allows in short term to build objects of various sizes – from small villas to large hotels. Therefore, the purchase of land for development can be a good investment not only for large developers, but also for private individuals.

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