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Services in Сatalonia

Prices for housing and real estate in Catalonia

Catalonia is the most popular region of Spain. Buy property in Catalonia is always in demand here, so its value does not fall, but only grows. The region has a good location, many prospects for career growth, life and work. There is no release from tourists, there are enough vacationers all year round, which gives a good basis for earning money on renting out housing. The region is located near Barcelona, which makes it even more attractive. Cheap real estate in Catalonia is more of a myth than a reality. And is considered one of the most expensive regions in Spain. The cost of housing starts from 1700 euros per square meter.

The main factors that affect the cost :
Being near France.

Good and developed infrastructure

The climate is moderate

One of the best beaches in Spain ( Costa Brava, Costa Dorado)

Real estate on the shores of the Costa Brava or Costa Dorada resorts is not difficult to find, there are a lot of real estate agencies. Commercial real estate is especially popular in this region. Profitability and liquidity in Catalonia, one of the highest in the country. Housing prices are more than affordable. Choose from apartments, houses, villas, apartments and more. Buy a house in Catalonia today can be cheaper because of the unstable situation in the region. According to realtors, you can buy a Villa 25% lower than before. We also advise you to pay attention to commercial real estate, now it has also fallen in price. And for those who have villas and houses, we provide LANDSCAPE DESIGNER SERVICES IN CATALONIA

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