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Apartments and apartments in Spain. Prices, semi-regular areas

The catalog of apartments and apartments in Spain Discount-house covers almost the entire coast of Spain from North to South - from the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca to the Costa del Sol!

What should I keep in mind that the purchase of an apartment in Spain in the future would bring exceptionally pleasant moments?

Trust a professional! Perhaps you should not immediately go to Spain yourself in search of a real estate agency in Spain or a construction company, trying to purchase apartments in Spain directly." Unpleasant "pitfalls" can await you, and the final price of a Spanish apartment is likely to be lower if an agency that has known him for more than one day talks to the owner.

Professionals who thoroughly know the area or city in which they work will work with you, and they will pick up and help you buy an apartment in Spain, the price of which will most meet your requirements for the desired object.

Before you tell yourself "I will buy a property in Spain on my own" or with the help of "friends", keep in mind that this method is not always the most effective. The real estate agencies of Spain from all over the coast (inmobiliaria) from Catalonia to Andalusia participate in the compilation of our database, the website is just a housing catalog. In the listing, you can choose a real estate object yourself, or if you are not very familiar with the terrain - we will be happy to choose the most optimal offer for your request, taking into account the terrain. We help in the preparation of the necessary documentation for the purchase of an apartment in Spain in new buildings, also help to open an account in a bank of Spain, negotiate a mortgage, help to conduct further business with your real estate, as well as, if you wish, we will help you to obtain a Residence permit in Spain

Real estate in Spain belongs to the so-called 1st category of attractiveness for those who have decided to buy real estate on the coast.

Apartments in Spain prices
You can buy an apartment or an apartment on the Spanish coast at different prices. In the Costa Blanca, in cities such as Torrevieja, Alicante, the price starts from 60,000 euros. In Barcelona, a new apartment will have to pay from 250,000 euros. Approximately the same price for apartments in Marbella - from 250,000 to 1 million euros.

Before coming to Spain and making a deal, of course, you should prepare yourself. Conduct an analysis of the real estate market in Spain, select the region you are interested in, study the real estate options offered, find out which type of housing suits you best (villa, apartment or apartment), the price that would suit you, and get a general idea of the transaction processing procedure. On our website you can get acquainted with the sale of apartments in Spain with all the basic details and make an informed choice.

If your desire has not yet fully formed, and you are not sure about the place of choice or the type of object, but you want to fully plunge into the atmosphere of this amazing country not as a tourist, but as an owner - renting real estate Spain will be the first step in making your decision to purchase an apartment in Spain, the prices of which are significantly lower, than in many countries of the European Union. We will help you choose a luxury penthouse near the beach and with beautiful views, or find an apartment in Spain cheap – a cozy apartment or a small house - depending on your needs!

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