Houses for sale in Spain

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Houses in Spain prices

A house in Spain will be a great investment. A lot of factors are pushing Russians who have decided to buy a house in Spain.

Among them:

  • good weather;
  • sunny climate;
  • the purest air;
  • a large number of beaches

Spain is a country with a strong and developing economy, so buying a property on the sandy shores of Spain will be an excellent financial investment in the future. Now there is an opportunity to purchase good housing quite inexpensively, but the active interest of tourists in this region promises an increase in the price of real estate in the future.

Discount-House real estate agency offers you houses for sale in the leading regions: Costa Blanca, Catalonia, Costa Del Sol. Here we can give objects for urgent sale and you will negotiate with the owners, not intermediaries.

At home in Spain. Prices and popular regions

Houses in the Costa Blanca require special attention – this is a particularly noteworthy region, in terms of price and its liquidity. For example, cheap houses in Spain can be purchased right here. The price of a house, bungalow or townhouse will be from 80,000 on the secondary market and 250,000 for a new villa on the coast.

Who would refuse a house with a private garden and a swimming pool on the shore of the azure sea? Relatively low prices and the possibility of purchasing wonderful housing right on the shore of the sea attract Russians who are always interested in vacations near the sea. In Catalonia, the cost is already different. You can buy a cheap house in Spain on the coast starting from 500,000 euros.

House in Spain to buy cheap by the sea

If you are unsure about the desire to buy a house or are just thinking about the possibility of buying real estate in Spain, then experts advise you to try to rent a house in Spain first and live there to experience the local flavor and climate. It is worth noting another very popular region of the Costa Del Sol. A house in Spain can be bought cheaply on the coast by either a show business star or an oligarch. Even the simplest house or villa will cost 1,000,000 euros. And for something decent, you will have to pay 2,000,000 or even 3,000,000. But you can be sure that every year the price will rise for such housing by at least 5%.

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