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The biggest demand in Spain is for housing by the sea. A huge variety of objects is concentrated on the four main coasts of Spain:

Costa Blanca;
Costa del Sol;
Costa Brava;
The Costa Daurada.
Costa Blanca (meaning "white coast") is a coast on the Mediterranean sea. Most days of the year there is warm, Sunny weather. This coast is also known for the most affordable prices in the entire Mediterranean. It is here, in the province of Alicante, that Torrevieja is located – a city that bears the title of "the most Russian-speaking" within Spain. Housing in Spain by the sea is diverse: studios, apartments, villas, houses, bungalows, townhouses. In the Costa Blanca region, the price starts from 50,000 euros. Buy property in Spain by the sea today it is better to have a Bungalow or a house with its own land plot.

The Costa del Sol (translated as "coast of the sun") is the South of the Mediterranean strip of Spain with a length of 300 km. this coast is considered to be the most prestigious. The local city of Marbella means to Spaniards what Cannes means to the French.

The Costa Brava (meaning "rocky coast") is the Northern part of the Catalan coast. The most economically developed part of Spain, so for most real estate in the country of bullfighting means housing in this region. From this, the cost to buy real estate in Spain by the sea, it is difficult to call low.

Costa Dorada (meaning "gold coast") is a part of the coast in the North-East of Spain with access to the Balearic sea. It has a length of about 200 km. on the Costa Dorada, in contrast to the Costa Brava, there are beautiful sandy beaches that are ideal for beach tourism. If you decide to buy a property in Spain on the coast, we are ready to help you buy a property in Spain by the sea.

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