Property in Sutomore

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Real estate in Sutomore

Montenegro is a country that can offer an inexpensive but high-quality vacation. One of the places where this all came together is Sutomore. This resort is located between the cities of Petrovac and Bar. However, the capital Podgorica is also no more than an hour away. In addition, there is a railway station that will allow you to get to the town as comfortably as possible.
In Sutomore there are good beaches with healing sand, a warm climate, and air filled with the aromas of the sea. Those who are used to inexpensive but comfortable tourism like to relax here. Sutomore is devoid of a touch of luxury, everything is simple, affordable and a little "at home".

Beautiful nature, picturesque landscapes, attractions that this land is rich in, make Sutomore attractive for those who want to buy a home here. Buy real estate in Sutomore can be different: inexpensive secondary apartments (from 35 thousand euros for 1-room), good apartments (from 80 thousand), own homes (from 100 thousand), luxury villas (from 200 thousand) euros. But Sutomore is not a place for the rich. This is a pleasant place for the average person, which will win an abundance of cafes, shops, a good fish market, walking and peace.
If you are tired of the city bustle, you want to take a little rest and not spend fabulous sums, come to Sutomore, pick up real estate to your liking and relax at your own pleasure! Real estate in Sutomore is the first step to moving to Montenegro

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