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Welcome to the world of luxury real estate in Israel and unique opportunities! We, a team of professionals, are pleased to present you with high-class services for the purchase of Real Estate in Tel Aviv. Regardless of whether you are looking for a luxury mansion on the coast or a stylish apartment in the city center, we are ready to help you make your dreams come true. We offer you a huge selection of real estate in Tel Aviv from inexpensive to elite in different areas. From modern apartments to villas with sea views, we have the perfect option for every buyer

Investment opportunities: Israel is an attractive market for real estate investments. We offer exclusive access to highly profitable investment properties that can bring you stable profits in the future.

Purchase and sale of apartments and houses in North Tel Aviv: important aspects and professional support.

Buying and selling apartments and houses in North Tel Aviv is a task that requires special attention and experience. The real estate market in this region is characterized by a balanced supply and demand, and our team is ready to help you cope with this challenge.

With a large number of successful deals under our belt, we ensure the trust and satisfaction of our customers, representing their interests in the best possible light.

Real estate prices in popular areas of Tel Aviv
If you are interested in the real estate market in Tel Aviv, it is important to have an idea of prices in popular areas. Here are some data on real estate prices in various districts of the city:

New North: In the area of the New North, real estate prices are about $ 4160 per square meter. This area is attractive for its modern infrastructure, developed objects of social and cultural significance, as well as a comfortable living environment.

Old North - Northern part: In the Old North, in its northern part, real estate prices are about $ 3,400 per square meter. This area is known for its rich history, unique architecture and beautiful sea views. It offers its residents and visitors many opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

Neve Shaanan: In the Neve Shaanan area, real estate prices are much higher and amount to about $ 9400 per square meter. This is a prestigious area known for its luxurious residential complexes, high level of service and proximity to the business center of the city.

Lev Tel Aviv: In the Lev Tel Aviv area, real estate prices are about $7980 per square meter. This area is characterized by high quality housing, a variety of restaurants, shops and cultural events. It attracts both local residents and foreign investors.

Nir Aviv: In Nir Aviv, real estate prices are about $5,570 per square meter. This area is known for its well-maintained infrastructure, parks and green areas, which makes it attractive for families with children and people who prefer a quiet and comfortable life.

Do you want to sell a property in Tel Aviv?

Do you want to sell your property in Tel Aviv? Now it has become easier than ever thanks to the service . We offer a convenient and effective platform for placing ads for the sale of apartments online. Just a few clicks, and your ad will be available to potential buyers from all over the world!

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International audience: Our buyers are looking for real estate from all over the world. Thanks to a wide international audience, your ad will be visible to many interested parties. This will increase the chances of a quick sale of your property.

We have transparent and honest terms of cooperation. You get access to our services for placing ads, 3D demonstration of objects and other features. All prices and conditions are clearly indicated, and you can be sure that there are no hidden fees or unexpected commissions.

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