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Buying a property in Thailand. Prices, popular areas.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a serious impact on the real estate market, leading to a decrease in interest from foreign buyers. However, everything has returned, and since 2023 Thailand has become an attractive center for foreign investors and "digital nomads" who are looking for shelter in the face of global uncertainty. And real estate in Thailand has become in demand as before.

Popular Areas for Foreign Investors
Among the areas most popular among foreign investors, Pattaya and Phuket Island stand out, which account for the main demand. There is also considerable interest in housing in Hua Hin, Koh Samui and in the capital of Thailand - Bangkok.

Features of Buying Real Estate in Thailand
Buying a property in Thailand is a little more difficult than before, it is associated with certain difficulties associated with restrictions on the ownership of land by foreigners. For this reason, apartments have the greatest demand among foreigners. However, it is worth noting that the purchase of a villa in the country is also possible through a long-term lease with the right to extend.

DH Service: Your Reliable Partner in the World of Thai Real Estate

The Discount-house website offers a wide selection. Real estate in Thailand - from reliable developers and trusted agencies. Regardless of whether you are planning to invest in housing or are looking for a comfortable place to live, DH Service is ready to help you find the right solution. Prices have become slightly higher than before Covid. And now an apartment in Thailand will cost 40-50 thousand dollars.

Thailand is a unique place on the world map of housing. The combination of beautiful nature, developed infrastructure and accessibility of life makes it an attractive choice for foreign investors. Regardless of the difficulties associated with land ownership, there are ways to implement your real estate plans, and DH Service is ready to make your real estate buying experience in Thailand carefree and successful.

Today, you can buy a house in Thailand through our company in different regions, even in Koh Samui we work with developers. At the same time, you get the opportunity to admire incredibly beautiful nature, flora and fauna, as well as earn money on renting accommodation for tourists. In addition to apartments, there are many houses, villas, cottages, bungalows and more in our catalog. Especially popular with buyers are real estate in Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui.

Real Estate in Thailand at Discount-House

Acquiring real estate abroad is a dream for many individuals, and Thailand, with its picturesque beaches, cultural heritage, and exotic cuisine, attracts a multitude of foreigners. However, before embarking on any property transaction, it is crucial to be aware of the peculiarities and restrictions when purchasing property in Thailand. In this article, we will explore the Discount-House website, offering a diverse range of real estate options in Thailand, and we will also delve into the rules governing foreign property buyers.

Catalog of Properties on the Discount-House Website

Discount-House provides a wide selection of real estate options in Thailand. Their catalog includes:

  1. Rooms and studios - an excellent choice for those seeking affordable accommodation or looking to invest in rental properties.
  2. Condominium apartments - convenient and comfortable living with astonishing views of the sea or mountains.
  3. New developments in Thailand - for those interested in modern housing with state-of-the-art amenities.
  4. Standalone houses and villas - perfect for individuals who prefer spaciousness and seclusion.
  5. Townhouses - an optimal solution for families or friends seeking a shared living space.
  6. Commercial properties - for entrepreneurs eager to invest in businesses in Thailand.

Selling Real Estate to Foreigners in Thailand

Thai legislation imposes certain restrictions on foreigners wishing to purchase property in the country. Foreigners are entitled to buy properties only in designated areas known as "freehold zones." In these zones, foreigners can acquire property with full ownership rights, also known as "freehold."

Alternatively, there is a long-term lease option, known as "leasehold," available for properties outside the freehold zones. Leasehold allows foreigners to lease the property for up to 30 years with the possibility of further extensions.

Verified Agencies and Document Preparation

One crucial aspect of purchasing real estate in Thailand is choosing a reliable agency. Discount-House collaborates exclusively with trusted developers and agencies, ensuring clients' safety and the reliability of their transactions. Additionally, the company provides assistance in preparing all the necessary documents, streamlining the process of acquiring property abroad.

Acquiring real estate in Thailand presents an excellent opportunity not only for leisure and investment but also for establishing a comfortable place of residence. The Discount-House website offers diverse property options in the country, while verified agencies and document preparation services ensure a secure and convenient purchasing process.

For lovers of active recreation and vibrant nightlife, the best option for buying real estate will be Pattaya. The region is located near Bangkok, which makes it even more profitable to purchase real estate. In Pattaya, you will find housing options for every taste. Here you can buy an apartment in modern residential complexes, spacious houses, villas, cottages and much more. Real estate in Pattaya is also worth buying for permanent residence. It is in Pattaya that the largest selection of real estate is concentrated, for every taste and budget. You can find luxury villas with sea views or more affordable studios.

The largest island in the Gulf of Thailand is Koh Samui. This place is very popular with tourists from all over the world. The island is open to new experiences and adventures. Here you will find exotic beaches, tropical forests, incredibly beautiful nature, mountain views,and a large selection of real estate. You can buy a house by the sea in Koh Samui for further renting it out to visiting tourists. It is on rent that business is built in this region. Having your own home on Koh Samui is very prestigious and profitable! Real estate prices here are incredibly affordable. For a little money, you can buy a good, but small apartment. Choose for yourself beautiful condominiums with views of the Gulf of Thailand or spacious villas with a private pool, real estate for every taste!

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