Apartments for sale in Thessaloniki

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Apartments in Thessaloniki

Globalization has brought a lot of new things into the modern life of people around the world: now citizens of various countries move around the world almost unhindered. And not only move, but change their permanent place of residence, making their existence more comfortable and convenient. Such a case happened to the population of Russia, by the way, because it is not so easy to live in a country where winter lasts most of the year.

On tourist trips, most noted that living a lifetime in Thessaloniki is a real dream. This attractiveness of the second Greek capital is explained by several factors: a mild climate, an abundance of architectural and historical attractions; convenient service and inexpensive living.

But what used to be an impossible dream can be easily realized today. The fact is that the Greek government has simplified the procedure for the acquisition of real estate by foreigners as much as possible, this requires only money and a minimum of documents.

Buy an apartment in Thessaloniki, where it is represented by various types on the market:

apartments of different sizes


commercial real estate.

Buy an apartment in Thessaloniki

It is obvious that among Russians the greatest interest is the purchase of an apartment in Thessaloniki, because the price of an apartment in Thessaloniki Greece is much lower than houses, and maintenance is much easier.

Many compatriots, considering the possibility of acquiring real estate abroad, probably think that this is a very expensive pleasure. This statement may be true if you choose real estate in the leading capitals of the world – London, Paris, Berlin. But this does not apply to Greece in any way: almost every Russian is allowed to buy an apartment in Thessaloniki. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Thessaloniki Greece with an area of 50 sq. m, located in the historical center of this city, will cost 20 thousand euros. This price is comparable to the cost of apartments in the Russian regional center. But even if the full amount for housing cannot be found, it is still not worth giving it up, in this case it will be possible to take out a loan from one of the Greek banks, and the interest rate on it will be significantly lower than in Russian credit institutions. A more economical offer will be the sale of apartments in Thessaloniki Greece from private individuals. Indeed, for those who are used to buying on their own, a very profitable option would be to study the private ads of apartments in Thessaloniki Greece.

In addition to the mild climate, buying an apartment in Thessaloniki has a number of advantages, for example, it gives the right to obtain a residence permit, which provides a real chance to enter Greece at any convenient time and stay on its territory as long as necessary.

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