Property in Torrevieja

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Buy property in Torrevieja
Torrevieja is one of the sunniest cities in Spain in the Alicante region, which attracts more and more tourists every year. Buy property in Torrevieja for permanent residence in this beautiful place with more than 20 km of sandy beaches can now everyone. Torrevieja is the largest city on the Costa Blanca.
Our compatriots can feel at home. But the most popular is buying property in Torrevieja cheap. A huge number of cafes, restaurants and shops in Russian.

Russian Russian radio is available on the Costa Blanca in Torrevieja, as in other regions of Spain, and almost all the staff speaks Russian.

You can also buy "our" Newspapers and magazines here. The city is very international, people from more than 120 countries live here. You can live next door to Swedes, Finns, Germans, Englishmen, and many other nationalities.

Why housing in Torrevieja?

Housing prices in Torrevieja are more expensive today than in previous years. The place became popular, so there was a growth. Today, the price for a square in Torrevieja has to pay from 1000 euros. Today, you can buy a house in the Central part of the city from 50,000 euros.

For 40-50 thousand euros, you can buy a spacious Studio or one-bedroom apartment. Over the past few years, property in Spain has increased by 10-15 %. What will happen after the coronavirus is still a question.

It is we who will offer you real estate in Torrevieja, namely-villas, apartments, bungalows, houses, apartments and much more. Favorite places to buy is the Central part of the city. The beaches of Los Locos and Del Cura are very popular with tourists, especially Russians who come for the sea. Sandy beaches are very convenient for families, especially with children. And remember, to buy you will need legal advice in Torrevieja from an experienced lawyer in the Alicante region.

What is Torrevieja famous for?

Torrevieja is famous in Spain for its Salt lake, which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Torrevieja has very good sandy beaches, such as Los Locos and Del Cura, where a lot of tourists spend their holidays every year, so the whole family will definitely get a vacation. Buying a property in Torrevieja today is a good investment, and tomorrow housing will become more expensive.

Real estate Agency in Torrevieja
Our real estate Agency is located in Torrevieja and can take the property for sale or purchase. Direct housing from owners is best sold, people want real estate in Torrevieja without intermediaries. Especially appreciated on the beach. Wir helfen Ihnen auch bei der Renovierung einer Wohnung in Torrevieja oder in der gesamten Region Alicante

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