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Buy real estate in the UAE

Real estate in the UAE is in increasing demand, as a huge number of people come to the country. Every year, the number of tourists in the emirates increases. The state is also visited by many entrepreneurs, expats, businessmen, startups, etc. The UAE is like a magnet for enthusiasts to start a business, as well as professional specialists from all industries for high-paying jobs. For this reason, buying apartments and houses in the United Arab Emirates is a popular investment. In addition, a constant flow of tourists and enterprising people tends to other cities of the UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Ajman and others.

Why do people buy housing in the UAE?

Real estate in UAE cities is not getting cheaper in price, which is due to the fiscal policy of the state, the stability of the national currency and tourist attractiveness. According to official data, the tourist flow in 2024 amounted to 20.92 million people. At the same time, according to expert estimates, in 2025 the number of tourists will be approximately 25 million people. This is facilitated by the attractiveness of the country and the annual opening of new attractions, which the whole world is talking about. Among the main reasons why people buy real estate in the country, it is necessary to highlight:

A comfortable life. UAE cities are among the safest and most convenient. Every guest of the country will be able to appreciate the high level of comfort that tourists and business travelers are surrounded by.

Availability of infrastructure. International airports are located within an accessible distance in the UAE. There are restaurants of different cuisines of the world in each city. Brand stores and boutiques are available. Some of the best shopping malls in the world are concentrated here, for example, the Dubai Mall. Good roads allow you to reach anywhere in the country. There are also English-speaking schools, modern clinics, and cultural centers. Most residential complexes include a SPA center - swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna. There are gyms with strength and cardio equipment. To visit the SPA or gym, you do not even need to leave the house, just leave your apartment and go up/down to the desired floor by elevator.

Business activity centers.
Global business centers are located in the cities of the UAE. There are special free economic zones where there is no tax burden on companies with 100% foreign capital. Considering the comfort of cities, the availability of infrastructure and business activity, the Emirates is almost an ideal place for entrepreneurs to live.

Great vacation locations. If funds are available, you can use the rental services of apartments in Dubai Marina, villas on Palm Jumeirah, Ajman and other tourist areas of the United Arab Emirates every year. Becoming the owner of real estate in the Emirates, you will be able to come on vacation every year and enjoy the picturesque views of the Persian Gulf, excellent cuisine, a huge amount of entertainment and tourist attractions. In addition to going to the beach and shopping in the UAE, you can do a lot of things. For example, you can go on a desert safari, travel around the cities, visit the Old City of Dubai, go on a yacht cruise, etc.

The investment attractiveness of real estate in the UAE.
Given the growing tourist flow and the constant increase in prices per 1 square meter, buying real estate in the UAE is a good investment. In the future, the apartments can be sold at a bargain price. In addition, they can be rented out and receive passive income annually.
It is also necessary to highlight the possibility of moving to the developing cities of the Arab Emirates, and for this it is necessary to purchase real estate.

Classification of real estate for housing in the UAE
The state's real estate market is saturated with various offers for all categories of buyers. There is an opportunity to purchase apartments, villas, penthouses on both the primary and secondary markets. Among the main proposals, it is necessary to highlight:

1) real estate near the Persian Gulf;

2) real estate in elite areas of cities, for example, Downtown in Dubai;

3) cheap real estate in the suburbs.

It is also possible to purchase apartments for foreigners in installments.

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