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real Estate in Xylokastro

have you Ever been in Greece? And in Xylokastro? If not, then it is in vain! This is a fantastically beautiful city, with extraordinary resort area, as well as elegant architecture. This is one of the most popular resorts of the Gulf of Corinth, Xylokastro is the owner of “blue flag”. This award testifies to the fact that the beach is safe and clean. It is worth to notice that the award “blue flag” not far every popular beach is present.

this is a unique area in which to relax in the mountains without leaving Xylokastro. There is often a rest of the popular mountaineers and climbers. But Fonissa is not for beginners, this is a complex, convoluted route for the already seasoned athletes. But if you really really want you to visit the local mountains, it is best to contact the Alpine centre, where you will choose the easy way out in the mountains, or spend a tour.

Unique Xylokastro fact that here you have the sea, mountains and forest! The pine forest of Pefkias will seduce you with its flavor, there is a small beach that comfortably fits the atmosphere of the forest growth. This well rested on the bulky beaches, you can retire in the woods, a break from the scorching sun and to find harmony with itself.

You can buy property in Xylokastro, cozy Sunny villas are waiting for you to come and visit. The price for the small Studio is of 27 thousand euros, flat from 60 thousand euros, but to buy a Villa in Xylokastro will be a little more expensive – from 200 thousand euros. What could be better than a house on the beach? Perhaps this is heaven on Earth. Before you visit this resort, you need to realize that after this visit you will not be able to find a stay better. Buy property in Xylokastro and you will be always provided with clean beach, crystal clear waters and even mountains close at hand.

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